A healthcare system is a complex and dynamic network of engaged stakeholders that actively work toward the improvement of patient outcomes. In the value chain of providing healthcare services, correct and reliable data has become an essential building block for the provision of effective and cost-effective healthcare services.  Both healthcare professionals as well as practice managers and administrators will benefit from the correct and compliant application of an international coding system (ICD) developed by WHO to provide a platform for healthcare planning, provisioning, and the improvement of patient care and treatment. 

This concise yet sufficiently detailed eLearning course on ICD-10 coding will enable participants to apply their knowledge in all healthcare encounters and thus streamline medical aid, insurance, and death certification processes simultaneously providing the necessary data required for effective healthcare planning for healthcare managers and administrators.

Who Should Enrol

  • Medical practitioners
  • Medical Interns
  • Clinical associates
  • Professional nurses
  • Allied healthcare professionals

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the need and origin of a health-related coding system and outline its importance in the appropriate management of health problems.
  • Describe the origin and structure of the ICD 10 coding system and its importance and application in South Africa.
  • Describe the structure, layout, and the procedure for application of ICD-10 coding and apply this toward finding the correct diagnostic code.
  • Describe the structure of Volume 1, (the Tabular index), and explain how the basic coding conventions are applied in a compliant construction of an ICD-10 code.
  • Apply knowledge of anatomy and body systems in the correct allocation of ICD-10 coding utilizing the online WHO ICD-10 coding tool.
  • Apply consistently the correct coding sequence in the allocation of conditions in the special chapter codes categories as required by ICD-10 principles.

Course Design

This is a customised short eLearning course designed to cover all important aspects of the ICD health coding system.

Course Duration

Each individual module should take at most 1-2 hours to complete. This excludes additional reading activities.

Course Content

There are six modules  included in this course:

  1. Introduction to Coding and Classification.
  2. Exploring the ICD-10 coding system.
  3. The structure of the ICD volumes and codes.
  4. The tabular index, code structure and coding conventions.
  5. Body Systems Coding.
  6. Special group chapters.


Multiple choice questionnaires after each module for which a 70% pass mark is required overall.


On successful completion of the MCQ's, a pass mark of 70% is required for a certificate of completion.


Accredited with the Health Professions Council Medical and Dental Board for 13 Clinical CEUs, Level 2.

Course Fee

R1000 (Inclusive of all VAT and taxes where applicable). 


FPD School of Health Sciences

Tel: +27 87 821 1109

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13.0 CPD Points

Level 2