This course will cover all the important nuances of the billing policy. It will focus on the differentiation between out-of-hospital and In-hospital billing consequences. It will explain how cash practices work in the consulting space and how this dives into the variables comprising the ultimate bill for your patient. It will cover the detail of specific billing tariffs in the rooms and also touch on getting paid for paperwork. The course will also cover explanations of ICD 10 diagnostic coding, procedure coding, modifiers and Nappi coding. It will offer some tips on procedure baskets and how these simplify your coding practice.

Who Should Enrol

Final year interns/registrars or doctors new to private practice

Course Design

Online Course

Course Content

Two modules, three presentations:

Module 1: Fundamental Billing Principles – Part 1 and 2

Module 2: Medical Billing 101

Learning Outcomes

Understand complexities around billing in private practice so that you can formulate your own billing policy. 


MCQ’s on both modules




4 Ethical


Pass the assessment with 70%

4.0 Ethics Points

4.0 Max Points

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