This is a comprehensive facial anatomy training course for practitioners who are looking to gain an understanding of facial aesthetics and the different treatments in aesthetic medicine.

Medical aesthetics has fast developed into a new sub speciality in medicine. Specialists, doctors and dentists have developed a keen interest. Anatomy learned at medical school is not enough to gain a respectable understanding required for injectable procedures. Understanding how the different layers of the face interacts with each other and that everything connects, will give the injector a better and greater understanding of the anatomical structures and its vasculature.

The course integrates your present knowledge of facial anatomy and helps you apply it in the clinical setting. Identifying and learning landmarks, the participants will gain a thorough perspective of safe and safer techniques, to avoid unwanted complications. The face like the rest of the body has a complex neurovasculature system and the risk for injury is always a probability.

Who Should Enrol

Doctors and Dentists registered with the HPCSA

Course Design

Online Course

Course Content

Facial topography

Facial terminology and proportions

Skull surface landmarks

The aging face

The five basic layers of the face

  • Superficial fat pads
  • SMAS
  • Temporal fossa
  • Neurovascular supply
  • Deep fat pads
  • Facial spaces
  • Retaining ligaments

Course Highlights

A must to all practitioners starting out in facial aesthetics

A refresher for practitioners already practicing facial aesthetics

Learning Outcomes

The course objectives are to provide the delegate with a solid foundation in facial injection anatomy indicated for medical aesthetic treatments.

  • Identify the key facial muscles for botulinum toxin injections, their actions and variations
  • Identify the location and distribution of the neurovascular  supply to the face, thus avoiding them during dermal filler injections
  • Identify the aging anatomy of the face, including the skull and the fat pads
  • Identify the role of fat pads and how they age differently. Learn to identify which fat pads require lifting and enhancement.
  • Identify the retaining ligaments of the face and their role.
  • Identify the facial landmarks and facial proportions in both females and males.






4 Clinical



4.0 Clinical Points

4.0 Max Points

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