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E-Learning: FPD Unlimited CPD for Oral Healthcare Practitioners

18 Clinical Points Only R 1 200.00 (incl VAT)


FPD's Unlimited CPD/CME Online Dental Education solution is a complete online medical education solution for Oral Healthcare Practitioners that want access to a range of accredited medical content at a fixed cost. Access to the CPD/CME modules are Unlimited; subject to an active subscription. FPD is registered with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) in terms of Section 54(1)(c) of the Act and Regulation 16(4)(a).

Course Highlights

  • Unlimited CPD/CME access solution; subject to an active subscription
  • This is a video tuition product
  • Annual subscription fee of R 1 200.00 (including VAT)
  • Each module is accredited for 3 CEUs
  • 6 clinical course modules are currently available (new course modules are made available quarterly)
  • Available online 24 hours a day / 7 days a week from PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones
  • Automated integration with the MPC CPD Manager so that CPD records are ready for submission to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)

Course Content

The FPD Unlimited CPD/CME Online Dental Education package currently consists of 6 course modules. Each module is presented by a topic expert presented in the form of video tuition.

Please refer to the current available course modules presented below:

FPD Unlimited for Oral Healthcare Practitioners

The aim of endodontic treatment is to remove all irritants and infectious material from the root canal system. Root canal systems can be complex and there is always a risk of missing key anatomy in our quest to endodontic perfection. Once a canal is missed, the treatment has a high risk of failure. A tooth which has had endodontic treatment and persists to have symptoms like sensitivity to hot and cold beverages, spontaneous pain or a dull, lingering pain is an indication that not all infected material was removed or that a root canal was missed.

One the most common mistakes a clinician can make is that too small access cavities are created therefore hiding orifices and hidden challenges. The importance of proper endodontic access preparation will be discussed in a future presentation. Emphasis must be placed on thorough knowledge of endodontic anatomy and where to locate root canals of each tooth.

Access cavity preparation forms the initial step to gain access to infected and inflamed tissues inside a root canal system. It also forms the basis for a successful outcome. Some clinicians might wonder why a basic concept like this should be discussed, but in years of personal experience, access cavity preparation is what make or break endodontic treatments. An incorrect approach to access cavity preparations will result in unrepairable damage to teeth and unnecessary sacrifice of tooth structure. Often the tooth requires more specialized procedures to repair the damage under magnification and the use of specialized materials can be very expensive. The final prognosis of the tooth is also reduced in the unfortunate event of the above damage.

It is therefore of utmost importance to highlight some of the fundamental concepts and approaches. In this presentation important concepts and treatment approaches will be highlighted to equip clinicians with the necessary skills to create the ideal access cavity and ensuring a more predictable endodontic outcome.

The reality of the endodontic root canal system is a topic which must be discussed on a more regular basis. Most clinicians are equipped with a basic knowledge of each tooth configuration and very often most of us forget the academic knowledge we obtained at University. We need to be refreshed on a regular basis to keep our approach professional and treat our patients to the best of our ability. We must also keep in mind that with the technological explosion that last few years, we have discovered anatomy inside the human tooth never seen in earlier years. Once you realize how complex the root canal system really is, you realize how important it is to have knowledge and the mind-set of what to expect.

In certain cases it is almost impossible to remove all the irritants from the root canal system, but we aim to create an environment where the body is natural defences can remove and heal infections. The root canal system is truly a maize and unique almost like a finger print, but a proper understanding of what we are dealing with allows us to gain access to the maize and treat the problem to the best of our ability. The aim of the presentation of endodontic anatomy is to make clinicians aware of the dangers of the old fashioned mind set and realize that the root canal system is much more complicated than one might think.

All clinicians performing endodontic treatment have wondered how they can either extend the life time of very expensive endodontic instruments we use or at least ensure the safety of them. There is nothing worse than fracturing an endodontic instrument inside a patients tooth. The big dilemma these days is the fact that patients are very clued up and legal action is a reality in general dental practice life.

The aim of this presentation is to address a few key concepts and facts surrounding the instruments we use during cleaning and shaping of root canal systems. Although the presentation is very academic in approach, it is vital for clinicians to understand the mechanisms our instruments operate, their manufacturing and the safest possible ways to operate these instruments. The ultimate goal is for absolute peace of mind for both dentist and patient alike and to make endodontic treatments more predictable and enjoyable.

The creation of the endodontic glide path is probably one of the most important concepts and one of the most debated topics in endodontics. Manufacturers aim to design instruments capable to negotiate the root canal system without the creation of the glide path, but to date, predictable cleaning and shaping with rotary endodontic instruments rely heavily on a smooth, reproducible glide path.

The aim of this presentation is to address the facts surrounding glide path preparation, its benefits and the current instruments available to prepare a predictable glide path. All clinicians face the challenge of reducing clinical chair time and unfortunately glide path preparation takes up additional time. The value of the glide path outweighs the extra time needed to prepare, but our aim is to provide the dentist with sufficient information to make an informed choice on a system which is safe and able to reduce clinical chair time.

The topic on magnification and illumination is a very difficult topic to explain to clinicians unexposed to its benefits. The reality is that these instruments and equipment can be very expensive and that may be a reason why dentists not utilizing it or are reluctant to take the next step. The difficulty lies to transfer personal experience and joy to others in a way that every dentist performing endodontic treatment can relate.

The aim of the presentation is to cast a shadow of doubt on the disbelievers and at least trigger a curiosity on clinicians especially those with a keen interest in endodontics. The aim is also to highlight not only the importance and benefits of magnification and proper illumination in endodontics, but also general dental treatments.

Course Design

This is an online course and material is presented in the form of video tuition. Participants have access to all available modules for a 12-month period from enrolment in the package.

Who Should Enroll

Oral Healthcare Practitioners


Accredited according to HCPSA's Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for 3 CEU's per module on Level 2.


To qualify for the certificate of completion for this CPD/CME course, participants should successfully complete the assessment process.

Course Fee

R 1 200.00. This amount is inclusive of VAT and all taxes where applicable.

Subscription Terms

For a once-off fee of R 1 200.00 (including VAT), per 12-month subscription, oral healthcare practitioners can gain unlimited access to numerous clinical course modules (depending on availability). New modules are launched each quarter, which allows Oral Healthcare Practitioners to grow their Continuing Medical Education program continuously. Please note that access to the Unlimited CPD/CME Online Medical Education is linked to an active subscription. Subscriptions are active for a 12-month period from the date of purchase, after which it can be renewed.


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