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Module 1 Patient Safety Post-Partum Hemorrhage (PPH)

Only Scholarship Access

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Course Fee

This course currently has no fee

Course Description

Midwives working in Life Healthcare (LHC) maternity units will be able to identify risks for and causes of bleeding and will be able to effectively manage the bleeding in patients in the postpartum period.


Postpartum haemorrhage is a major cause of maternal mortality with an estimated annual occurrence of 13.8 million globally. In South Africa 624 women died from obstetric haemorrhage during 2014-2016.

Over 60% of PPH cases can be prevented by active management of the third stage of labour which consists of the use of oxytocin immediately after birth, delivery of the placenta by controlled cord traction and massaging the uterus every 15 minutes for the first two hours post vaginal delivery. (WHO, 2006).

There are three learning activities in the module followed by an online assessment.

Who Should Enroll


Course Design

Online Course

Course Content

For example: The following topics/modules are covered:

Principles, priorities, and steps to effectively manage PPH according to an ESMOE drill

Accurate visual estimation of blood loss

Management of the care of a patient with PPH

Care for a patient post PPH

Course Highlights

Easy to access

Results available directly after completing the assessement

Learning Outcomes

For example: On completion of this course/article candidates will be able to:
Understand and apply the principles, priorities, and steps to effectively manage PPH as evidenced by ESMOE drill

Appreciate the importance of accurate visual estimation of blood loss as it directly impacts management and contributes to morbidity / mortality associated with PPH

Manage the care of a patient with PPH

Manage the care for a patient post PPH


Assessment consists of multiple-choice-questions.


In-house developed - Not Accredited yet

Number of CPD points awarded to course: None


Pass the assessment with 70% and work through every section

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