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Module 1: Patient Safety Triage (Emergency department)

Only Scholarship Access

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Triage is a process of sorting patient based on urgency of clinical condition using objective discriminators and vital signs. Competent triaging processes lead to urgent patients being identified and treated appropriately so as to avoid life-threatening deterioration and increase patient experience. This module provides the tools to implement triage competently.

Who Should Enroll

All emergency care department staff (all categories of nurses)

Course Design

This is an eLearning Course

Course Content

The following modules are covered in this course:

  1. Introduction to triage
  2. Step-by-step approach
  3. Adult clinical signs
  4. Paediatric clinical signs
  5. Additional videos
  6. LHC Triage policy
  7. Assessment of learning objectives

Course Highlights

  1. Easy to access
  2. Results are available directly after completing the assessment

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

  1. Discuss the purpose of triage and understand its importance
  2. Apply a step-by-step approach when triaging patients
  3. Recognise very urgent and urgent signs in adult and paediatric patients
  4. Work out the TEWS score for a patient during the triage process
  5. Discuss and implement the LHC policy on Triage


Assessment consists of multiple-choice-questions.


In-house developed - Not Accredited yet


To gain this certification, candidates need to work through each section and pass with a score of 80% or greater.

Course Fee

This course currently has no fee

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