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Short Course in Infection Control in Health Care Facilities

27 Clinical Points Only R 999.00 (incl VAT)

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Infection prevention and control are aimed at providing a safe health care environment for patients and staff. The Short Course in Infection Control in Health Care Facilities has been developed as a response to improve health outcomes and prevent morbidity, mortality and to increase health care costs and possible litigation. The course is specially developed for and aimed at health care workers working in health care facilities and in the community. The purpose of the training is to outline a strategic framework to prevent, reduce and control the development of infections including hospital acquired infections and anti-microbial resistance, by improving patient safety and health outcomes.

Who Should Enroll

The course is developed for and aimed at healthcare workers working in health care facilities and in the community.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the different types of microorganisms that act as pathogens in humans.
  • Explain the chain of infection in different healthcare settings.
  • Describe the prevention of healthcare associated infections.
  • Explain the standard precautions for infection prevention and control.
  • Discuss infection prevention and control within the law.
  • Describe and evaluate waste management in the healthcare context.
  • Discuss antibiotic stewardship.
  • Explain the use aseptic techniques.
  • Explain IPC in the context of the Corona 19 pandemic.

Course Design

This is an eLearning course.

Course Content

The following modules are included in this short course:

  1. Microorganisms and Infection
  2. Protection of healthcare workers and use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  3. Infection risk, hazards and legislation
  4. Antibiotic usage and stewardship
  5. IPC in the context of the Corona pandemic


Participants are assessed by means of multiple-choice questionnaires at the end of each module. In order to be successful a pass rate of 70% is required.


Accredited according to the HPCSA’s Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for 27 Clinical CEU’s on Level 2.


FPD will award successful participants with a certificate on completion of this course should they successfully complete the assessment process.


Tel: 0878211109
Fax: 086 550 3692
E-mail: nursing@foundation.co.za
Address: P.O. Box 75324, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040
Website: www.foundation.co.za

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