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Hero’s Journey: Supportive Ethics Module

3 Ethics Points Only R 650.00 (incl VAT)

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While we, and even our clients, reflect on their lives, it is also good to reflect on ethical matters that might arise. This ethics module aims to reflect on the ethical matters that might arise while we make life decisions. Ethics are relevant in our day-to-day choices in our lives as well as decisions we make about the lives of others.

Hero’s Journey consists of the following Modules:
Module 1: Purpose and Design
Module 2: Filters and Feelings
Module 3: Decisions and Destiny
Hero’s Journey: Supportive Ethics Module

Learning Outcomes

  • The context in which ethical decisions are made.
  • What ethics is.
  • Questions addressed by Meta-ethical theories.
  • Different normative ethical theories that have been developed.
  • How ethical theories are applied to real-life situations.
  • The meaning and importance of ethical codes.
  • Ethical issues psychologists and medical professionals are confronted with.

Course Content

How should we live? What shall we aim at? What is important to you? What are our obligations, if any, to the generations of humans who will come after us and to the nonhuman animals with whom we share the planet? We are faced with many questions like these in our everyday practices. The Supportive Ethics Module pose a philosophical view on the everyday crossroads we are facing.

Course Design

The e-Learning module is presented by Cobus Swart and Dr. Rina Steynberg. Learning material includes PDF manuals, voice-over PowerPoint presentations and a multiple-choice assessment.

Who Should Enroll

All individuals interested in the topic, as well as psychologists and medical professionals, registered with the HPCSA.


Accredited according to the HPCSA Guidelines for Psychologists and Medical Practitioners for 3 CEU’s on Level 1.


Complete the online assessment per module to qualify for a CPD certificate of completion.


Mind Matters Consulting

Email: info@mindmgroup.com
Address: 9 Charles de Gaulle Crescent, Highveld
Website: www.mindmgroup.com

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