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Hero’s Journey Module 3

6 Clinical Points Only R 850.00 (incl VAT)

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Up until this point of the Hero’s Journey, we have shared quite a bit of information with you. In Module 1, we created awareness regarding purpose, meaning, significance, and legacy.
In Module 2, we wanted you to understand that everything you are, is because of your purpose. Perhaps you are wondering: What now? What should I do with all that I have learned so far on this journey of self-discovery? Jim Rohn reminds us: “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.” To move from knowledge to action takes one important but crucial step: the decision to act on your new knowledge. In Module 3, the individual chooses to be the self-discovering individual who became more self-aware or becomes the real hero who is brave enough to create an action plan to live their real purpose and fulfil their destiny.

Hero’s Journey consists of the following Modules:
Module 1: Purpose and Design
Module 2: Filters and Feelings
Module 3: Decisions and Destiny

Course Content

Module 3: Decisions and Destiny consists of two chapters, following an inside out personal Growth Journey where Chapter 1 and 2 of Module 1, are the start of the journey where purpose and meaning was the theme.
Chapter 3 and 4 of Module 2 elaborates on the importance of our thought patterns and how our thoughts become our reality.
Chapter 5 and 6 of Module 3: Decisions and Destiny is all about taking the right action to leave the desired legacy and fulfill your destiny.

Course Design

Cobus Swart and Dr. Rina Steynberg present the e-Learning module. Learning material includes PDF manuals, voice-over PowerPoint presentations, exercises and a multiple-choice assessment.

Who Should Enroll

All individuals interested in the topic, as well as psychologists and medical professionals, registered with the HPCSA.


Accredited according to the HPCSA Guidelines for Psychologists and Medical Practitioners for 6 CEU’s on Level 1.


Complete the online assessment per module to qualify for a CPD certificate of completion.


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