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Short course in Gender Based Violence in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Healthcare providers

11 Clinical Points Only Scholarship Access

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Gender-based Violence (GBV) and Sexual Gender-based Violence (SGBV), including Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) have been a worldwide concern for decades. Now however, with the world facing the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing being encouraged, a major side effect has occurred - a marked increase in SGBV.

Domestic violence shelters are also undergoing strain as they reach capacity due to the increase in IPV being experienced. Even the most advanced and best-resourced health systems are reaching saturation, including those at the front line in their response to S/GBV incidents.

This course is designed to equip healthcare providers with the knowledge and means to help them respond adequately to survivors of violence in any form. S/GBV is a major concern for healthcare providers at all times, more so in times of crisis - if they do not observe and ask – no one else will.

Learning Outcomes

On achieving this course, a learner will be able to:

  • Describe Sexual- and Gender-based Violence as a public health problem within the COVID-19 pandemic context
  • Recognise and Identify sexual and gender-based violence presentations
  • Define your obligation as a healthcare practitioner under the law
  • Demonstrate clinical skills appropriate to your scope of practice to respond to sexual and gender-based violence (completion of J88 forms for medical practitioners)
  • Evaluate resources and support for patients and for oneself

Course Design

The short course is offered as an online short course that is enhanced with additional resources to provide a well-rounded learning experience.

Course Content

  • Define Sexual and Gender-based Violence in all its forms
  • Compare the prevalence of SGBV
  • Analyse the consequences of SGBV on the individual and society
  • Assess the effect of global emergencies on SGBV
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms that suggest SGBV
  • Understanding when and how to ask about SGBV
  • Understand what laws are applicable to SGBV
  • Assess the role of the expert witness
  • Appraise professional and ethical considerations
  • Assess necessary medical treatment and follow up
  • Recommend psychosocial support
  • Assess victim risk assessment, crisis plan and referral options
  • Identify an appropriate self-care plan


Participants are required to engage with all of the online learning activities. Each module is accompanied by MCQ’s for which a minimum of 70% needs to be obtained in order to successfully pass the assessment opportunity


The minimum period for completion is 6-hours


Accredited according to the HPCSA’s Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for 11 Clinical CEU’s on Level 2.


FPD will award successful participants with a certificate of completion upon completion of all online learning activities

Course Fee

This course is proudly sponsored for healthcare professionals

When Can You Enrol

This course is open through means of scholarships to healthcare professionals that are registered with their respective governing bodies.


For more information or to register, please contact


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