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Certified Impairment Rater (CIR)® Examination (AMA GUIDES SIXTH EDITION)

Mini assessment

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The purpose of the Certified Impairment Ratersm examination is to assess your ability to perform impairment evaluations using the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition. This “mini-assessment” consists of 10 questions; the actual evaluation has 100 questions.

The examination is open book; therefore, it is realistic. All participants must have the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition, available. This examination also tests your ability to identify find information in the Guides and problem solve. This will be more challenging when you are asked to answer questions that may not be within your usual scope of practice. You will find that is a useful learning experience which expands your understanding of how the Guides are applied.

Carefully read each question. Some questions require you to identify the answer that is TRUE and others the answer that is FALSE. Misreading is likely to result in errors, just like the real world. You are encouraged to answer each question; there is no penalty for wrong answers.

If you are unsure of your answer, you should provide your best response. The passing score is 70% and you will be notified if you have passed or failed after the examination.

You are not to record or print, in any format, the questions; information pertaining to each examination is tracked and the order of many of the answers changes with each testing. At the end all notes must be destroyed. Please help us maintain the integrity of the examination.

I wish you the best,

Christopher R. Brigham, MD, MMS, CIR, CIME, FIAIME
President, Brigham and Associates, Inc.
Senior Contributing Editor, AMA Guides, Sixth Edition